Information regarding COVID19 in the UK and Ireland

Updated 28.09.2020

The safety of our InterStudies community is always our highest priority, and while we are all still learning about the realities of COVID19 and how we all need to adapt and behave in the current climate, we want to do our utmost to keep our community safe. We are working hard to support everyone involved in our programmes.

We want to keep you regularly updated on information and guidelines provided by the government regarding COVID 19. We’re taking our guidance from the government and asking that all students, host families and LSCs do the same.

Schools are currently planning to open fully for the coming school year in the UK and Ireland. Separate measures will likely be in place to keep students safe, potentially including social bubbles, distancing and some online learning.

If you are involved in our programme and you or someone else in your household has symptoms and/or tests positive for Coronavirus, please inform InterStudies immediately.

Access the latest government guidelines for your area.
Always remember to


Your questions about hosting a student or travelling with InterStudies under COVID19

Before arrival

This may depend on the country of origin and the destination country. We’ll be in touch individually if this is the case.

We recommend that students check their terms of insurance before travelling.

We will be in touch directly if a student is required to quarantine on arrival. You can also take a look at the air bridge lists which are regularly updated by the government in each country.

Currently, we are proceeding as planned with our programmes to begin in August and September. We want all of our students to still experience a fantastic programme studying abroad, and have put in place extra measures to achieve this.

During the programme

We are keeping our community regularly updated on current government guidelines, and we are on hand to support all of our students and host families. We’ve offered guidelines to all parties involved in our programmes, taking our cue from the government. Some of our usual in-person events will be taking place “virtually”, and we’ll offer extra support during this unprecedented time.

If the UK or Ireland go into a second national lockdown, we will support our students and host families during this time. We will not request that our students leave the country, unless the government instructs that this should happen. Our schools are now a lot better prepared for studying from home, so should students have to temporarily stop attending school, there should be plenty of work that they can do from home.

Study with InterStudies in the UK or Ireland!

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