Local Support Coordinator Application Form
Thank you for your interest in working with InterStudies as an Local Support Coordinator.
Please fill out the following form in as much detail as possible.
To complete the form you will need a current CV, and a recent picture.
Section 1
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InterStudies will carry out DBS checks for successful applicants who do not already hold a valid certificate.
Section 2
Our students can all speak good English, so knowledge of other languages is not a prerequisite for the position, however knowledge of other languages can sometimes be useful to us.
Please list the foreign languages you speak, and indicate what level:
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Have you ever hosted foregin students or worked with foregin students in any capacity (including as an area representative for another company)? If yes, please detail:
Section 3
An important part of the role is to build up a network of host families in the local area. Your local knowledge will be
important here, and your answers to the following questions will give us a better idea of the kind of area you live in.
Please provide brief but detailed answers.
As our local representative, you will be asked to screen potential host families, deciding if you feel that they are
suitable for hosting a student. While you will be given training, tools and support in this role, it is important that you
are comfortable with this. Please describe how you would feel about this responsibility, and detail any experience
you have which would help you deal with this situation:
Section 4
While the most important aspect of the role is working with our students, a certain amount of computer skills are
also required, and access to computer equipment is an advantage.
Please detail the access you have to the following:
Please give details of 2 references we can contact regarding your application:
Other information
Child Protection
At InterStudies we take our responsibility for our students very seriously and we have therefore implemented a child
protection policy setting guidelines which all our staff must follow to ensure that our students are protected from
Additional files needed