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I learnt to be happy and to be myself. To to try to forget my shyness. To talk with other people. To open my mind. To smile. And that everything is possible if I want.

Claudia from Italy

At InterStudies we give you the opportunity to personalise your High School programme in Ireland. Whether you want to choose which area you'd like to be placed in, or you want to choose your school, we have a range of great options to ensure that you have the exchange programme of your dreams!

Regional Choice options

Our regional choice options give you the opportunity to decide what part of Ireland you want to experience. Wherever you are placed, you will be met by our friendly and welcoming host families  and our caring local support coordinators, who will help you to make the most of your experience in Ireland. 

Regional Choice:
County Cork

Regional Choice:
County Galway

Regional Choice:
Dublin area

School choice programme

Our school choice programme is the perfect choice for students who want to customise their programme. With a wide range of schools all across Ireland we have the perfect option to help students achieve their dreams on the Emerald Isle! 

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