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Your High School Year

Experience Ireland with InterStudies

Ireland is a great choice for your high school exchange programme, Irish schools have a long tradition of welcoming students from around the world. 

Here are three reasons to choose Ireland for your exchange programme!

– Vibrant and lively cities with elegant architecture and friendly inhabitants. The Irish are renowned for their hospitality.
– It’s not called the Emerald Isle for nothing! Ireland boasts a beautiful landscape from dramatic coastline to magnificent mountains. 
– Traditional Irish culture is rich and centuries old: experience history, music, dance and story telling.




Quick facts

Population: 4.8 million
Capital city: Dublin
Currency: Euro
Language: English, Irish

Did you know?

Many Irish family names start with ‘Mac’ or ‘O’, which means respectively ‘son of …’ and ‘grandson of …’  in  Irish Gaelic.

School in Ireland

School in Ireland provides the opportunity for a range of educational options. For example, students can participate in an optional Transition Year, which enables students to experience a wide variety of educational inputs over the course of a year and is free from formal examinations. Alternatively, it is possible to undertake all or part of the Traditional Leaving certificate.

The school day

The school day starts at around 9am in most schools, and you’ll be able to walk, cycle, or take public transport to school. All Irish students wear school uniform – and you will be expected to wear uniform as well, so you will blend in with local students.
You’ll have lunch in the school canteen (you can buy lunch, or take a packed lunch from your host family), and most schools offer sports or other activities at lunchtime and after school.

Co. Dublin

Co. Cork

Co Galway

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