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Welcome to England!

England is traditionally one of the most popular destinations for international students! Read on to find out why.

Here are three reasons to choose England for your exchange programme!

– The home of the English language, steeped in tradition yet diverse, current and multicultural.
– Experience the variety on offer, visit famous landmarks and free visitor attractions, spend time in the idyllic countryside or go to a football or cricket match! The possibilities are endless.
– An opportunity to get a great education. The English education system is world renowned, offering a wide range of academic and vocational options.

From the chalk cliffs of Dover to the mountains of the Lake District, the city of London to quaint towns and villages, England has something to offer everyone. Students will experience the cultural diversity of modern British towns and cities, alongside the traditions the British are so famous for.
Students are placed all around England, from the South Coast, through the Midlands and to the North of the country. Placements are often in market towns or in the suburbs of larger towns or cities, but can also be in the countryside.


High School


Quick facts

Population: 55 million 
Capital city: London 
Currency: GB Pound 
Highest Mountain: Scafell Pike (978 metres)

Did you know?

Bonfire Night is celebrated on the 5th of November with bonfires and fireworks. The celebration marks the attempt to blow up the British Parliament in 1605! 

School in England

As an exchange student you will either join local students studying towards their GCSEs (up to age 16) or A-levels (up to age 18). Students at GCSE level study between eight and twelve subjects, including English and Maths. At A-level students specialise in three or four subjects of their own choice; many English schools and colleges offer a wide range of subjects.

School life

The school day will start shortly before 9am, and finish around 4pm. Most of our students take the bus or the train to school, although you may be lucky enough to get a lift with your host family or live close enough to walk. 
Students aged up to 16 wear school uniform. If you are aged 16+, then you may have to follow a dress code, but probably won’t have to wear a uniform. 
Most schools offer some activities or sports at lunchtime and after school, and you will also find a wider range of activities in your local area. 




Where do you want to go?

Northern England

The Northern part of England is well known for its stunning nature – however the North is also home to major cities, and much more. There are many good reasons to choose Northern England for your exchange.

There are many good reasons to choose Northern England for your exchange – here are just a few:

– Stunning nature – including five national parks
– Major cities and attractions, including Manchester, Liverpool and York
– A great opportunity to visit less well known parts of the UK

Northern England formed the backbone of the industrial revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, with cities like Manchester leading the way with new technology and developments. Today, many of the factories stand still, yet cities like Manchester have reinvented themselves and remain attractive destinations.
Northern England is also characterised by stunning nature and countryside, with a large number of smaller towns, which often have tight-knit and friendly communities, which provide a welcoming environment for international students.

Southern England 

Many of England’s most popular attrations and attractive areas are found in Southern England. 

Here are just a few reasons to choose Southern England for your high school experience:

– The South Coast
– London and other major cities
– Easy access to nature and a wide variety of sports and other activities

Southern England includes major cities such as London and Bristol, stunning national parks, and the southern coast. Wherever you are placed in Southern England you will have access to a wealth of activities, good schools, and access to both major cities and the British countryside.

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