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Welcome to Scotland

Experience Bonnie Scotland! The Scots are renowned for their friendliness and open culture. An InterStudies programme in Scotland is an amazing opportunity to experience the Scottish culture, beautiful countryside, and historic towns and cities.

There are many reasons to choose Scotland for your High School Exchange Programme. Here are three:

– Beautiful countryside, from mountains to lochs. Scotland is home to the largest national park in the UK
– Friendly and welcoming; with lively and vibrant cities featuring the best of the world’s arts and culture with beautiful and peaceful scenery just a short trip away
– A unique experience – whether you are want to immerse yourself in history or take part in exhilarating outdoor activities, Scotland offers something for everyone.

Most students are placed to the south or north of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. Placement areas include Fife, Perth and the Scottish Borders, as well as the city of Edinburgh itself. Placements are often in towns, but some can be semi-rural. Wherever students are placed, they will meet friendly and welcoming locals and have an excellent opportunity to experience the stunning Scottish landscape. 




Quick facts

Population: 5.2 million 
Capital city: Edinburgh 
Largest city: Glasgow 
Currency: GB Pounds
Highest Mountain: Ben Nevis (1,344 metres) 
Official languages: English, Gaelic & Scots

Did you know?

The Scottish accent has been voted the most trustworthy and friendliest accent in the UK. It can be hard to understand at first, but if you keep trying you will soon pick it up!

School in Scotland

Students in Scotland have a wide range of subjects to choose between. As an exchange student you’ll either study towards your National 5 level exams (taken at age 15 or 16) or Highers (taken at age 17 or 18). 
If you join students studying for National 5s you’ll study between five and eight  subjects, including English and Maths.  If you study at Higher level you’ll be able to choose your subjects from a range of options.

School life

The school day starts shortly before 9am, and finishes around 4pm. Most schools in Scotland run a variety of clubs and sports, offering different activities either at lunchtime or after school.  All students in Scotland wear school uniform! 
You’ll also be able to find a range of activities and sports in your local community – your host family or InterStudies LSC will be able to help you with this.

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