Celebrating 20 years of InterStudies!

Let us take you back in time to 2002… the start of the twenty-first century. What were you doing in 2002?

George Bush was president of the USA, Apple released its second-generation iPod, Spiderman was the biggest film of the year, and Britney Spears split up with Justin Timberlake. It feels like a different world!

Over in Scandinavia, something exciting was happening – InterStudies was formed with the aim of increasing intercultural understanding. Having been inspired to work in the student exchange industry following her own experience as an au pair and her work with worldwide exchange programmes, this seemed like a natural next step for our Anette, our Managing Director.

I believe that spending a year abroad is inspiring, maturing and a great foundation for further development, so probably the best educational investment a parent can make.

Anette, founder and Managing Director of InterStudies

Team InterStudies in 2022!

Programmes were initially launched throughout the UK, followed by an expansion into Ireland three years later. Over the years, the InterStudies team has expanded consistently, with our Head Office in Edinburgh and a number of remote-working staff adding to our muti-cultural make-up.

Our team is made up of different ages, interests, backgrounds and languages – a mixture which is vital when operating in the student exchange industry.

It’s not only our team which has grown – the volume of students on our programmes, and our programmes themselves, have also expanded and developed over the years. Together, we have overcome hard times – notably the UK leaving the EU and the worldwide COVID pandemic, both of which formed notable challenges which we have managed to navigate and overcome – while we’ve also enjoyed a wide array of positive moments and achievements!

We’re really grateful for all of the students, host families, partners, staff and everybody who has supported us over the years and taken part in our programmes.

Congratulations to the whole InterStudies team on the past 20 years, and here’s to our continued success in the future!

Start your own adventure abroad with InterStudies

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