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About InterStudies

 Welcome to the InterStudies world of high quality education

At InterStudies we have been offering high-quality educational programmes since 2002. Our teams of local support staff in the UK and Ireland work closely with our international management team to provide young people from all over the world the opportunity to experience cultural exchange in a safe and caring environment.
The youth of today are our common future. We strive to help the young people who take part in our programmes to make the most of the unique educational opportunity that is cultural exchange, and to give our students the best possible foundation for their future position in life. Cultural understanding is becoming increasingly valuable in todays’ interconnected world, and there is no better way to learn a culture and language than by “living it”.
Thank you for taking an interest in our work. We look forward to welcoming you into the InterStudies world of high quality educational programmes. Please read on to learn more about our mission and vision, and to meet our team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions




Our mission and vision


InterStudies provides a range of educational programmes, founded on the values of cultural exchange, acceptance and mutual respect. We offer a variety of quality programmes, giving our students the opportunity to experience enjoyable learning, academic achievement and personal development in a caring, safe and homely environment.


At InterStudies we wish to continue our growth in a responsible manner, consistently maintaining a high level of quality, reliability and trustworthiness. In order to achieve this, we will continue to expand our dedicated network of local coordinators with equally dedicated and caring people, and we will continue to select partners, who share our values and wish to build a relationship of mutual trust and dedication.

Our core values

Integrity: Reliability, responsibility and fairness. Compassion: Listening, learning, understanding and caring. Trust: Carefully considering decisions, taking responsibility and standing by them.

Timeliness: Consideration and action. Caring for today, while actively preparing for tomorrow. We value the time, dedication, skills, and expert opinions of our staff and of our network of local representatives. As a workplace we strive to create the right environment for the right people.


to make

a difference

The InterStudies Team

Anette Slot Larsen

Managing Director

Bo Slot Larsen

IT & Resource Director

Hulda Jonsdottir

Finance Director

Charlotte Claydon

Programme Director

Signe Nielsen-Refs

Partner Relations Manager

Louise Smith

Finance Manager

Chris Clunan

Account Director & Webmaster

Lone Vedelstrup

Tours and Camps Manager

Tim Claydon

Programme Manager, Select

Julie Halsey

Production Manager, England

Katie Deane

Support Manager, England

Jackie Warren

Programme Coordinator, England

Lindsey Kirkpatrick

Production Manager, Ireland

Audrey Collins

Country Manager, Ireland

Alicia Klages

Programme Coordinator, Ireland

Petra Kiss

Programme Coordinator

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An opportunity to create change

Working as an InterStudies LSC is a great opportunity – both for the young people from around the world who you will meet and help, and for yourself.

Fulfill a dream

As a local support coordinator, you will help young people from around the world to fulfil their dream of experiencing daily life in Ireland. You will provide local families with the opportunity to share their Irish culture, and help schools to add a global dimension to local education.  learn more

Care and support

Our young students are far away from home, probably for the first time, and they rely on your care and support. Your care and support will give your students the opportunity to create memories for life, and you will play a key role in one of the most memorable years of their lives.  learn more

Intercultural understanding

As an LSC you’ll meet students from all over the world, building bridges between people, cultures, and countries. You’ll have the opportunity to improve intercultural understanding, one student at a time!  learn more

Recruiting now!

We are recruiting Local Support Coordinators in both the UK and Ireland. Click below to learn more about our programmes in the UK and Ireland, and to read more about working as an InterStudies LSC  learn more

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