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An opportunity to create change

Working as an InterStudies LSC is a great opportunity – both for the young people from around the world who you will meet and help, and for yourself.

Read on to learn more about the role, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Fulfill a dream

As a local support coordinator, you will help young people from around the world to fulfil their dream of experiencing daily life in Ireland. You will provide local families with the opportunity to share their Irish culture, and help schools to add a global dimension to local education.  learn more

Care and support

Our young students are far away from home, probably for the first time, and they rely on your care and support. Your care and support will give your students the opportunity to create memories for life, and you will play a key role in one of the most memorable years of their lives.  learn more

Intercultural understanding

As an LSC you’ll meet students from all over the world, building bridges between people, cultures, and countries. You’ll have the opportunity to improve intercultural understanding, one student at a time!  learn more




Your responsibilities

There are many different parts to the role of a Local Support Coordinator. You can read about some of the most important parts of the job here.

Finding host families

You will find and screen potential host families in your area. It’s important that you ensure families understand what is expected of them, and you will need to support and remain in regular contact with your families throughout the year.


The key to a succesful exchange is selecting the right host family for each student. You’ll get to know your host families, and be able to select the best match for each student.

Working with schools

You will develop and maintain relationships with schools in your area. You’ll need to enrol each of your students in the local school, and keep in touch with schools regarding any pastoral issues throughout the year.

Supervising and guiding

You’ll act as a mentor and guide for your students. You’ll need to keep in regular contact with each student, submitting reports on their progress, and helping them to make the most of their time in Ireland.

Represent InterStudies

You will represent InterStudies in the local community, and an important part of your role is to educate the local community about the benefits of international exchange.

Part of a team

You’ll have a lot of responsibility as a Local Support Coordinator, but you won’t be alone. You’ll work closely with our head office support team, who willl support and guide you in your role.




What’s involved?

Working as an LSC is more of a lifestyle than a traditional job. Read on to learn more about the role. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What experience do I need?

You don’t need experience in a similar role, as full training will be provided. However, experience working with young people is definitely an advantage!

Practical requirements

You’ll to be able to communicate with our office and your students, so basic computer skills and access to a computer are essential. You’ll also need a driving licence and access to a car.

We will carry out a Garda vetting check, and you will also need to be able to provide suitable references.

What type of person is suited to the role?

It’s important that you are responsible and dedicated, and that you are friendly and outgoing. You will be the face of InterStudies in the local area, so students will need to find you approachable, and you will need to be able to contact potential host families.


We aim to offer professional material as well as extensive training, complete with reference guides as well as both individual and joint training events. Training takes place at local and national level, and you will be invited to all expenses paid national or international meetings.


There are many personal rewards in your role as an InterStudies LSC. There is also an incentive and reward scheme for placing, supporting and supervising the students. When you help others to achieve and benefit, you will, of course, get something in return.


You will have an an expense budget for your area, so you will be able to cover your own approved expenses in connection with your role as well as your participation in events you organise for your students.




Meet your colleague

An interview with an LSC 

Audrey is one of our LSCs in the the Cork area. We interviewed Audrey to find out more about the role of an InterStudies LSC!

How long have you been an LSC?

I started out as a host family with InterStudies ten years ago, and I loved it. I started working as an LSC five years ago. I love working as an LSC – it’s a very rewarding job.  learn more

What’s the best part of the job?

For me, one of the best parts of this job is seeing the changes that occur in our students. When they arrive they are often unsure of themselves. It’s a big change: they have a new family, a new school and new friends. When they leave they are confident young people. They grow, and they find a new sense of self. It’s amazing to watch, and a privilege to be a small part of the changes.  learn more

How do you help your students to get the most out of the programme?

I try to make sure that each of my students knows that I am accessible to them at all times. I listen to them when they want to talk and help them with any issues they may have. It’s important to me that they know that they can come to me, and that I am always there for them. We meet up every month to do something fun together as a group – this helps my students get to know me as a person, rather than just as the person that is in charge. It’s really important that the students get out there and get involved in the local community, and I encourage them to get involved in all the opportunities that are available to them in their community and their school.  learn more

What’s the hardest part of the job?

The hardest part of the job for me is when they leave! You spend the entire summer getting to know the students via email before they arrive. You meet them, get to know them, guide them and encourage them while here. We have some great fun along the way and it is honestly very hard to say goodbye at the end of the school term. I have had so many invitations to visit my old students over the years, not just from the students that stay with me but from students in my groups and that helps me to know that we are doing a good job at Interstudies.  learn more




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