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Why InterStudies

We are proud to offer a range of excellent and affordable programmes to our partners, and our dedicated team has over twenty years’ experience working in the international student exchange industry.

At InterStudies, we place a strong emphasis on support: support for our students, support for our partners, and support for each other.
We take pride in our carefully selected placements which are handled by our dedicated admissions and placement teams, to match the individual profile of each student with the best possible placement.

Our team will always choose the best possible school for the student based on their interests and preferences.

Our carefully selected, welcoming host families give students the opportunity to experience the British culture, fully immerse themselves in the community and make the most of their stay.

Our dedicated support team will provide ongoing support to our students and our partners. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our students receive the very best care and support throughout their stay.

Students will have the option to take part in tours to explore the UK and Ireland.

Excellent and affordable programmes

At InterStudies, our keywords are integrity, compassion, trust and timeliness. These are at the heart of everything we do, and we keep these in mind to ensure we maintain high quality across all of our programmes. We work hard to make sure our programmes are affordable for you and great value for money.

Founded on the values of cultural exchange, acceptance and mutual respect, we offer a wide range of high-quality programmes, giving each of our students the opportunity to experience enjoyable learning, academic achievement and personal development.

We choose our partners carefully, and place a great emphasis on working with partners who share our values and approach to high-quality educational programmes.

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Exceptional partner support

We pride ourselves on offering fast and effective service to our partners, keeping you informed throughout the programme. Our experienced partner relations and support teams will work closely with you to make your job easier – we value quick and efficient communication, and will keep you regularly informed.

You will receive regular, accurate updates from us about our current and future programmes, how your students are getting on, any upcoming tours or events we are running, and any relevant feedback. If any problems are encountered, we will work together with you to solve them, and if you have any questions, we’ll always be happy to help. We value all of our partners highly, and our experienced team works hard to make sure you are supported along the journey, just as your students are. 

At InterStudies we believe that a close relationship with our partners is the key to good cooperation. We appreciate personal contact with our partners, and we are always available for a friendly chat!

Amanda France, who looks after our partner relations, believes that a close relationship with partners is key to good cooperation

Meet Amanda and the rest of the team here.

Great programmes range

A great range of programmes to suit the needs of each individual student and help them achieve their goals

Excellent support

Extensive support ensures that each and every student feels genuinely cared for and supported

Effective communication

Regular progress reports and quick and effective communication, so you can keep parents updated at home!

This is what our Partners say:

Outstanding student support

At InterStudies we take student support very seriously. Going on exchange is a big step. It is important to us that our students can always come to us for help and support, just as we know that their parents at home must be able to relax in the knowledge that their son or daughter is supported throughout their high school experience.

Each student is allocated a Local Support Coordinator (LSC) who is there to help and guide them throughout the programme and who can provide everyday assistance and advice.

Just as we place a great emphasis on local support for students throughout the programme, it is important to us that our partners are there to guide each individual student throughout the application stage as well as communicate with natural parents in their own language throughout the programme.

Help is local

Whether students need a friendly chat, advice or guidance, or a shoulder to cry on, their local support coordinator is there for them throughout the programme

Support throughout

Our three-tier support system, with local support, a student ambassador and our head office team means there is always someone available to help our students

Great memories

Our support team love creating great experiences - with trips and activities in the local area, as well as tours to Scotland, London and Dublin!

This is what our students say:

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