Explore the Emerald Isle

Our students absolutely love living and studying in Ireland! And who can blame them? Ireland is home to gorgeous rolling hills, beautiful coastlines and welcoming, friendly families. Some of the sights will take your breath away – and there’s plenty of bustling city life on offer as well. Welcome to the Emerald Isle – the perfect destination for a High School programme!

Amazing locations!

Ireland may be a little more rural as a destination than England or Scotland – and if you love the outdoors, it’s perfect. The Irish people are family-oriented and homely, and always make our students feel welcome within their families.

Student satisfaction

Dublin is the bustling capital city of Ireland, and each year, we hold our Ireland Tour, where students will have the opportunity to explore the capital, take in the sights, see some shows and sample the local cuisine!

We chatted to Amelie, one of our students on exchange in Ireland!

It’s been brilliant! Everyone has been so nice, and I immediately made friends with Irish people and international people. I’ve made some really great friends. I get on so well with my host family – they have been so nice from the beginning and they include me with everything in their family life. I got to see lots of different places and go on trips – we even went ice skating with some Irish people!

The Irish school system is very different from the German school system back home, and that was difficult to get used to at first. I also had to get used to wearing a school uniform because we don’t wear school uniforms in Germany. But I love school!

Host family happiness

We spoke to a long-standing Irish host family about their hosting experience over the past decade, and here’s what they had to say.

It brings vibrancy to the house. Somebody new comes in and you get to know them and their ways. Our family looks forward to it every year, and it’s interesting to see how different groups work within the family – it adds a new dimension.

It’s interesting to see all the different cultures, and observe how the Belgians are different from the Germans who are different from the Italians… And I always say to the students that the more they put in to the year, the more they’ll get out of it.

Support network

We have a fabulous network of Local Support Coordinators throughout Ireland. Recently, we spoke to Audrey and asked her what the best thing is about being an LSC. Here’s what she had to say!

Interacting with the students and watching them mature. I really love seeing a shy student arrive and helping them go on a journey and eventually come out of their shell. It’s great seeing them blossom and gain confidence.

I love that sense of achievement when you get a student in to a school, and when you find a new host family and help them through the journey of hosting.

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