At InterStudies we are passionate about helping young people from around the world to to experience life in the UK and Ireland.  

We welcomed Laerke from Denmark to join our head office team as an intern in August 2019. Lærke interned with us for a year before moving on to the next stage of her education – while continuing to work for us part time.  

We interviewed Laerke about life as an intern at InterStudies

My role at InterStudies is… programme assistant. I help keep the people in charge of helping the students up to date on the issues as I update the database with everything that goes on

The best part of my job is… learning so much about the complications that come with immersing yourself in a new culture and seeing the success stories when all ends well

I was inspired to work with student exchange by… starting a new chapter for myself. I moved to Scotland this summer and like the students, I have to adjust my way of living to a whole new country with all the culture clashes it entails

The best piece of advice I could give one of our students is… try to see the positive in the things that are different from home. It can be easy to assume that the way it is at home is the best way, but going in with an open mind can change a lot of situations for the better

My favourite travel destination is… Rome! I could go back a thousand times because every time you experience something new. The city is like walking around in a giant museum with way better food

When I’m not at work you can find me… either reading a book at a café (Netflix is too tempting when reading at home) or out with friends having a good time. I moved here recently so I am still in the process of meeting a lot of new people

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