Meet our LSC team!

We have a fabulous team of Local Support Coordinators located all across the UK and Ireland. But you might be thinking: what does an LSC do? Well, let us fill you in


There are a lot of different aspects to the LSC role, and they are involved in the students’ experiences before the students even arrive! Let’s take each aspect of the job title and look at it bit by bit, to explain what our LSCs do. We’ll start with Coordinator.

You might not know that our LSCs are responsible for arranging the placements of our students before they arrive. With the support of Head Office, they coordinate the process of making sure students have a welcoming, supportive host family to stay with, as well as being able to attend a great school in the local area. When they are doing this, they take into account things like student interests, host family hobbies and school specialties, to match up the students with the best possible host families and schools.

A Local Support Coordinator will also organise monthly meet-ups and trips for the students in their area. This can range from going for coffee together in a group to visiting another city, such as London or Glasgow!

So our LSCs coordinate student placements as well as monthly activities for students to take part in.

I love the monthly activities – we went to Bath at Christmas for example, which was really fun. And I had the students round to my house in different groups – we had a German night, and an Italian night, where the students cooked for me!


Next, let’s look at the Support aspect of the job title.

A Local Support Coordinator is the main point of support for our students.

If a student has a problem, or a question, the LSC is there to listen and help them. Our LSCs are trained in supporting students and they themselves have the support of our Head Office team. LSCs also support host families and help them through the journey of hosting!

I really love seeing a shy student arrive and helping them go on a journey and eventually come out of their shell. It’s great seeing them blossom and gain confidence


Finally, let’s look at the Local part of the role.

Our LSCs are a hyper-local point of contact for students and host families. Our Head Office is based in Edinburgh, and while our support team are absolutely here to help and support our students and host families, we know that it can be easier, and reassuring, to have someone close by that students can reach out to. If there is an emergency situation, then an LSC can be there straight away.

Being local is also a benefit because it means that LSCs know the local area really well, and can advise students about activities and clubs that are in their town or city.
Our Local Support Coordinators are vital to our exchange programmes – and we’re super grateful for all the hard work they do. A huge thank you to all our LSCs! 🙂

Interested in joining our team?

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