Information regarding COVID19 in the UK and Ireland

Updated September 2021

The safety of our InterStudies community is always our highest priority, and we will do our utmost to keep our community safe. We will continue working hard to support everyone involved in our programmes.

We are staying regularly updated on information and guidelines publicly provided by the government in relation to COVID19. We’re taking all our guidance from the government, and asking that all students, host families and LSCs do the same.

Schools are carrying out in-person teaching, with extra measures in place to keep their communities safe. These measures may include regular testing and the use of face coverings, and specific measures may differ between schools.

If you are involved in one of our programmes and you or someone in your household has symptoms and/or tests positive for COVID19, please inform InterStudies immediately.

Access the latest government guidelines for your area.
Always remember to


Your questions about hosting a student or travelling with InterStudies under COVID19

Before arrival

The UK is operating red/amber/green lists for international travel. Anyone aged under 18 arriving into the UK from an amber country list who is normally a resident of the EU or USA (or UK) does not need to quarantine on arrival. However, they will need to test before and after arrival. Anyone aged over 18 arriving from an amber list country who is fully vaccinated (with an approved vaccine) does not need to quarantine. You can read more about these rules here.

Ireland has introduced the EU Digital COVID Certificate for travel originating within the EU/EEA. This certificate will provide proof that someone has either been vaccinated against COVID19, received a negative test result (not including antigen tests) or recovered from COVID19 in the last six months. Anyone holding this certificate will not need to quarantine on arrival into Ireland. Non-EU arrivals will need to follow standard quarantine rules.

We recommend that students check their terms of insurance before travelling.

Yes, we are proceeding as planned with all of our programmes across the UK and Ireland. We have successfully completed our programmes in 2019/20 and 2020/21, and all of our students have safely arrived for the 2021/22 season. We want all of our students to experience a fantastic programme abroad, and we have put extra measures in place to achieve this.

The decision to delay or cancel a programme lies in the hands of each individual student.

During the programme

We are keeping our community regularly updated on relevant government guidelines, and we are here to support all of our students and host families. We’ve offered guidelines to all parties involved in our programmes, taking our cue from the governments in the UK and Ireland. Some of our usual in-person events will be taking place virtually, though we hope that students can experience a relatively normal exchange year during this coming season.

Our experienced support team at Head Office, as well as our dedicated Local Support Coordinators, are working hard to support both our students and our host families. LSCs are in regular communication with students and host families, and our Student Ambassador contacts students weekly. We offer 24/7 emergency support and our team is always available to help and support students and host families.

We have also set up a number of online clubs and virtual activities, including a book club, a film club and a pen-pal programme, as well as regular competitions.

If the UK or Ireland enter into a new national (or local) lockdown, we will support our students and host families during this time. We will not request that our students leave the country unless the government instructs that this should happen. Our schools are well-prepared for students studying from home, so if students do have to temporarily stop attending school, they will be able to study online during this period.

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