County Galway

I learned how to live with someone that is completely different from me. I learned new things about my self, about Ireland and its good aspects. My mind opened a bit more and I am so proud of my self.

Emilia from Italy

Galway city – stunning countryside, a beautiful coastline, and lots to see and do. County Galway is a great place for a student exchange. You might find yourself in one of the suburbs of Galway city itself, in a town in the local area, or in a farming community in the countryside.

The city of Galway itself has plenty to offer, with a wide variety of shops, cafes, and things to see and do. Galway is a coastal city, and you can walk on the promenade overlooking Galway Bay.
County Galway lies in the west of Ireland, and Galway city is often referred to as the ‘most Irish’ of Irish cities, the city where you are most likely to hear Irish spoken

Life in Galway

Exploring the city of Galway or one of the many charming towns in the local area, a stroll or bike ride along the seafront, sports and activities, or just hanging out with friends. There are plenty of opportunities to explore the Irish culture in Galway!

Check out some of the pictures our students have sent us from their exchange experience in the Galway area

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